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Founded in 2007, Belmont Rugby Club has evolved from a small group of dedicated trendsetters to a large-scale and inclusive program that regularly fields multiple sides for our boys and girls teams.

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Belmont Boys Rugby

Our Boys Team began as a club sport in 2007 and has only grown since then. We have earned significant accolades over the years, moving up from DIII to DI and earning MYRO State Championships in DII in 2011 and DI in 2013. In 2017 our team joined the MIAA and became a sanctioned varsity sport.  Most recently, our boys won the 2019 MIAA D1 Boys State Championship. We have grown from a group of 20 to a team of 70 and continue to evolve as a program. But we are proudest of the hundreds of men that have graduated from our program and continue to represent the best of Belmont Rugby.



Belmont Girls Rugby

Our Girls Team began in 2015 and has grown significantly over that time. In 2017 our girls joined the MIAA and became a varsity sanctioned sport. That same year, we earned a place in the first ever State Championship Match. We've worked hard throughout the years to earn the State Championship titles in 2017, 2018 and 2019. While our titles are significant, the growth of the team to include over 50 players and the women who have graduated from our program to carry on the values of Belmont Rugby are the marks of success that make us most proud.

Volunteer Group


Belmont Rugby Association

Since the Belmont Rugby Club's humble beginnings we've been blessed with a parent-run association that support the maintenance and strategic planning for our programs. Run by enthusiastic parent volunteers this association finds creative solutions to fund and support each new development and innovative idea. The Belmont Rugby Association is a non-profit organization that uses all donations and fundraising to support the growth of rugby and development of our programs.

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