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News Coverage of Belmont Rugby Club


Filmed: Belmont Media Center

After a strong preseason of matches from out-of-state teams, the Belmont Boys Varsity side's first league match kicked off on a beautiful afternoon over April Break. A strong start to the season with good work to come. - To watch: CLICK HERE

Filmed: Belmont Media Center

Belmont Girls Varsity program hosted Algonquin Regional High School on April 13th. The victory was officially finalized after the first half, allowing the program to make a full change of lineup in the second half and a significantly contested end of the game. Great work by all.  To watch: CLICK HERE 


Filmed: Belmont Media Center

In the first game of the season, Belmont Girls took on the Lincoln-Sudbury Warriors in a tough competition and emerged victorious. To watch: Click Here

Filmed: Belmont Media Center

Belmont Boys Rugby returned to the State Championship match in 2022 and emerged victorious in a tight match up between BRFC and BC High. To see the game  - CLICK HERE

Boys Championship 22.jpg

Filmed by Belmont Media Center 

The Belmont Girls Varsity team returned to the State Championship match and clinched victory in a well contested match up over Lincoln-Sudbury. To catch the game - CLICK HERE

To read the Boston Herald article about the game - CLICK HERE 

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