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Girls Rugby Sign-Ups 2024

Girls - Please go through this checklist to ensure that you are ready for Belmont Rugby 2024:

1) Follow the Link Below to Sign Up via Google Forms for GIRLS Rugby:

2) Sign Up for the Text Messaging Service (

  • Open a blank Text Message - in the "To" Section put the phone number "81010"

  • In the Message Portion - put the text "@brfcgirls"

  • If it asks you for your name - please reply with your Full First and Last Names

3) BHS Athletics Department Forms:

The Athletic Department sent an email to you on February 15th at your parent/guardian's primary email address - it contains MANDATORY school forms that must be completed before the start of the school year. NOW is a great time to schedule a sports-physical with your doctor or at a local healthcare clinic as

  • Current physical on file with the nurses office before the start of the season.

  • Athletic Dept. Forms - Concussion History Form is needed for every season.

  • Athletic Fee - Submitted to the Athletic Dept.

Please go through the email from the school with your parent/guardian ASAP

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